Here's why: Pro-Brexit group fined £70,000 by UK watchdog

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Hint: EU referendum spend

Leave.EU, one of the main Brexit campaign groups in Britain’s 2016 EU referendum, has been fined £70,000 for incorrectly reporting what it spent and exceeding a limit on expenditure, the Electoral Commission said today.

The group overspent by at least £77,380 - 10 per cent over the limit for non-party registered groups - an investigation found.

“These are serious offences,” said Bob Posner, the Electoral Commission’s director of political finance and regulation. He added: “Leave.EU exceeded its spending limit and failed to declare its funding and its spending correctly.”

Arron Banks, the founder of Leave.EU, cast doubt on the Electoral Commission’s impartiality, saying it was packed full of opponents of Brexit, who are sometimes known as “Remoaners”.

In the June 23, 2016 referendum, 17.4m votes, or 51.9 per cent of votes cast, backed leaving the EU while 16.1m votes, or 48.1 per cent of votes cast, backed staying.

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