Deliveroo to give its riders across the world free accident insurance

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In a bold step that goes beyond what other companies in the on-demand economy are offering, Deliveroo has today announced that every rider will be able to benefit from an industry-leading accident insurance package for zero cost. 35,000 riders in 12 countries will be able to claim for the costs of loss of income or medical expenses if they are unable to ride as a result of an injury while working. The insurance is completely free for riders and applies to riders on all vehicle types and their substitutes.

Cyclists will have access to public liability insurance, which has unique features such as also covering a rider’s substitute. The scheme will give Deliveroo cyclists up to £1 million in public liability insurance, and will also cover scooter riders whilst they are off their vehicle. In providing this insurance for free, Deliveroo is helping to protect not only riders but other road users in the event of an accident.

Deliveroo has improved its insurance for riders in the UK:

Will Shu, Deliveroo CEO and Founder: ‘It’s important that Deliveroo riders are protected whilst out on the road, so we’re delighted that this leading insurance package will be available to all riders completely free.

‘We know riders value the flexibility of being able to fit their work around their life, but they also deserve security if they’re involved in an accident. This insurance gives riders security whilst they’re out delivering great food and maintains the flexible work they value.

‘This is just one way we are working to increase riders’ security. We would like to go further, but are currently constrained by the law. Deliveroo will continue arguing for the law to be updated so on-demand companies can offer both flexibility and security.’

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