EU warns Brexit Britain: 'The clock is ticking'

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Here’s what May’s spokesman said

The European Union warned Britain that time was running out to seal a Brexit deal this autumn and ensure London does not crash out of the bloc next March.

“We are concerned that there is no clear stance, no clear position from the British. The clock is ticking,” German EU Minister Michael Roth told his EU peers meeting in Brussels.

“We need now to be making substantial progress, but that is not happening. What is worrying us in particular is the Northern Ireland question where we expect a substantial accommodation from the British side.”

May’s spokesman, however, said the “focus is on getting this right” rather than meeting a deadline. “At the end of last week, the PM established two working groups which will be conducting work in relation to refining the two options. I haven’t put a timeframe on the completion of that work,” the spokesman told reporters.



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